Itinerary for Beach Trip

Does anyone else make an itinerary when they travel? For years this is what I’ve done whenever we go on a trip, so that I have all of the details in one place. Flight numbers and times, hotel names, addresses, phone numbers and reservation numbers, rental car reservation numbers, etc. on trips that we drive, I even put the number of miles traveled each day. As a side note though, those are just guidelines, I’m always up for change or additions.

For just our information, I also put down what each leg will cost; food, gas, hotel, etc. Makes budgeting and planning really easy. Also made packing easy because I could make notes about what clothing I needed when. We’ve gone to Destin for spring break for so many years, I ended up with a master “week in a condo” packing list that includes a last minute/grab in the morning list. I always included the first day or so of food, because the very last thing I want to do when I get to my vacation home is runout to the jam packed grocery store. Thankfully “Shipt” is now in Destin as well as here and someone else can fight that nonsense. What a great, great service. You go onto their app, order your exact groceries and they deliver them right to your door. It’s funny, As busy as I am and have been the last 8 -10 years, I think Shipt is just the absolute best service, while my girlfriend with smallish kiddos likes to go to the grocery store alone for some mommy only time. So fascinating how different things are important at different times in our lives.

I am a huge list maker! I don’t know if the organizational part of me or the fact that I tend to be forgetful (especially if I’m not off sugar) but I have daily lists, to-do lists, summer project lists, Christmas break lists, work lists, you name it! This has served will in the itinerary/packing list arena.

The last couple of summers Mark and I have done some traveling alone, so I’ve been more inclined to book hotels where we know we need to (like at the College World Series) but the rest of the time we’ve just flown by the seat of our pants. And that has led to some really fun spontaneous trips. Of course having a smart phone helps tremendously in this case, you can find hotels or restaurants while you’re driving down the highway!

I fell in love with this shirt, I love anything with lemons on it anyway, and when I saw this, ruffles AND lemons- yes, please! AND the lemons are sequined. It’s from my dressing room adventure from last week… told you I was bringing home a few goodies. The shorts are an old pair of mine ANA brand from JC Penney, the lemon shirt from Kohls. I wasn’t in love with the ankle pants so I didn’t bring those home with me. I actually got dressed last night as we went to see the new Lion King movie. Don’t believe those Negative Nancy’s our there, it was fantastic. Spot on with the original but with real ( I honestly thought they were) animals.

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