Wapakoneta, Ohio day 1

Here I am again, behind the wheel of a car with a long drive ahead of me, not really too long though, today we are headed to Ohio to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the moon landing in Neill Armstrong’s hometown. If you remember from my blog, it was supposed to be a surprise, however the “surprise” part didn’t really work out because Mark started making plans for the weekend and so I had to share with him what we were doing.

Mark had to go to Lansing Michigan today, which is two hours south of us, to do some American Legion business. He runs the program at the Big Rapids Post called “The American Legion Boys & Girls State” program. It’s a civics program for students finishing their junior year of high school. They are selected from all over Michigan and gather at a college campus for a week, they create a fictitious state, elected officials and pass laws and policies. Mark is always looking for ways to improve it and for ways to make it work better and keep it modern.

Where his meeting is, is about two hours from where we’re going in Ohio, so I came with him. He met up with a very good friend of his who runs the program over in another part of the state and I went to the mall while they did there thing. I did that thing where you try on a bunch of clothes and take your pictures at the store and then write about it. Who knew it would be so much work to try on clothes and take pictures…. oh my! I worked up a sweat with all that changing of clothes!

It was kind of funny though trying on clothes that I absolutely knew I wouldn’t wear… super cute and super stylish, but unfortunately there is no way I would wear them outside of the dressing room… I’ve said it before, ROMPERS…. good grief, have you ever tried to get out of one of those things? Or use the restroom without dropping a piece of it in the toilet? That process took me over two hours AT ONE DEPARTMENT STORE! I was glad nobody was with me though, I could take my time and go through each rack and find good stuff!!! Don’t worry though, I found several things that needed to go home with me!!!

Unfortunately the lighting was no good in the dressing room, I don’t think the mirror was very friendly either! We have a full length mirror just outside the ladies room at school that is everybody’s friend. I think I need all photos taken in that mirror! But what I really need to do is enlist my friend Trisha, who is an amazing photographer, to have a photo shoot with me, whew, that would be a long afternoon though, changing clothes and moving around town. I broke out in a sweat just thinking about it! I’d have to pay her back though, maybe we could do a Rodan and Fields trade!!

This one is my dress, from Lane Bryant several seasons ago. It is a hot one today, heat advisories all over, so I went for cool and comfy! This was on the way out, I sure wish I would’ve discovered that triple mirror when I was trying on clothes, but there was NO WAY I was going to do it all over again!

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