Cheyenne, Wyoming

We were fortunate enough to be stationed in Cheyenne, Wyoming for a year when the kids were really little. We loved living in a place where American history comes to life!

Two years ago we traveled there as visitors on our way to drop off Jackson to the Air Force Academy baseball camp in Colorado Springs. What a fun town to visit. It’s growing and growing, we couldn’t believe the number of new hotels in town. They have several new Marriott brand hotels. This time we stayed at the Townplace Suites. There was another Marriott right next door.. They were both brand new, one wasn’t even open yet. If you prefer a newer chain for your stay, I highly recommend either the Townplace Suites, or thee Fairfield Inn on the south side of town.

If you like historic hotels, The Plains Hotel is lovely place to stay. It’s steeped in American West history and has been open for over 100 years. The rooms are what you would expect in an older hotel, much is original and you can almost hear the whisper of ghosts walking the halls at night. The other big plus to this hotel is that it is right downtown. There is a wonderful bar and restaurant right downstairs. Mark and I used to walk to the bar for “grownup time” and have Fat Tire beer in boot shaped beer mugs. There are several restaurants and coffee shops all within a few blocks, as well as a movie theater that has the original big heavy velvet curtains tied in the sides.

One other suggestion for lodging is the Little America Resort. They are an older hotel, not as old as The Plains, but has definitely been there a while. The big bonus to-this hotel is the beautiful outdoor pool and golf course in the grounds. The 25 cent ice cream cones are pretty sweet as well.

A must visit in Cheyenne is The Terry Bison Ranch. The kids and Kyle and I went on horse trail rides when they were about 5 and 7 years old (Mark was deployed to Afghanistan at the time) but this time we 4 spent the afternoon there and ate lunch as well. There are all the usual farm animals, along with camels, llamas (yes, they spit at Mark), ostriches and tons of Bison. They have a small train that takes you around the property, into Colorado and back, to see the herd. Mighty impressive! Lunch was of course bison burgers in an old west themed restaurant that was delicious and festive at the same time.

Any given evening there is something fun happening at The Depot Plaza downtown. There are bands, rally’s, food fairs, brewfests, etc, depending on the time of year and what’s on the calendar. At the very least you can shop in an authentic western wear store or take pictures with painted cowboy boots all over downtown.

The state capital building as well as the governors mansion are magnificent, if you get the chance to tour them. And while there are many wonderful museums, the frontier days museum is a don’t miss stop with its statue of Lane Frost out front.

The very best time to visit is the 3rd week in July during Frontier Days. The town comes alive with the biggest rodeo in The United States. It is almost impossible to describe the excitement in the air; between the rodeo, the carnival, the western wear vendors, the real cowboys in town, the rodeo clowns, the Air Force airman volunteering all over the place. Truly, if you can figure out a way to visit during that time, it is an event of a lifetime.

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      1. Uh o, I did not know that. Thank you for the tip.

        I remember the first time I went to Denver and I went for a run in the morning. Huge mistake.

        I thought “mile high” was just a marketing term or something. It’s no joke. 🙂


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