Rosemary Beach

To me Rosemary Beach has always been a lovely little town along the stunningly beautiful highway called 30a, the area where my friend Brittany is from, close to where we spring break in Destin every year.

This year it took on a whole new meaning. It’s the retreat place of my team with Rodan + Fields. It’s a place where women from all over the US and Canada come to bond, learn, share, laugh, cry, teach, encourage, and love. How often do you hear all those adjectives to describe a group of women?

It makes me think of that meme that’s says “good women fix each other’s crowns”, or something to that effect. All too often, women, for whatever reason; jealousy, lack of confidence, unhappiness, greed, whatever, tend to tear down or tear apart other women. Especially strong or attractive or successful women. It’s just not necessary, the world would be such a better place if we would just “fix each other’s crowns”, in other words support each other.

That’s what I had this weekend, in the most beautiful of places. Support, friendship, teaching, encouraging, and I truly wish that for everyone!

Rosemary Beach is stunning but the ladies whom I call my tribe are even more stunning! They are young and old and in between, they are from the south and the north, they are dark and light, they drive Lexus’ and minivans and Honda Accords. Truly we are diverse, but the support for us as individuals and for our Rodan and Fields businesses is strong and solid!

I would love for you to join my team, I would love for you to come with me to Rosemary Beach and experience this for yourself. You will be as uplifted as I am!

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