Packing Lists

Winter is ending and springtime is coming, that means it is TRAVEL TIME! In our family we take two type of vacations. One is the road trip in the mini van where we can bring everything we will possibly need, sometimes we include some small cooking appliances if we are in a hotel room for a long time (air fryer, crockpot, insta pot). The other list is for when we fly, and have to stay under 50 pounds.

Over the years I’ve perfected these lists so I don’t forget anything and then have to run to the store and buy things. Because I haven’t traveled with babies in 20 years, my lists do not include all those things that infants and toddlers would need.

Next week I leave on a 10 day, baseball spring training trip to watch my son Jackson in the RussMatt tourney in the Orlando area. This is like a beautiful dream for this snow bound Michigander! I’ll be flying, so I’ll try to pack light and take just a few things. There may be one or 2 things I stop and but, but they’ll be nominal, under $20 for sure! We are staying in a house with another baseball family for the first part of this trip and I’m not sure what the pillow situation will be. As dumb as that may sound, I really do need a body pillow to get the best nights sleep, and I can pick one of those up at the local Wal Mart for about $9 and just leave it there when I go home! The other thing I don’t want to pack is a beach towel, they’re heavy. So again, I’m sure I will either find one at the house or pick one up cheap and donate it to the cause!

When we go to Destin the end of March for spring break, we are back to driving this year. Several reasons, cost (we’re buying a new car and this really is the most economical way) plus we’re traveling with friends, so this makes us able to caravan!

Driving means I will bring everything we need, including food, some frozen, so that I don’t have to go to the grocery store when I first get there. Now, I can do SHIPT now when I get down there and just have it delivered to the hotel. But because of where we are staying, I can also go to a grocery store in the next town over and not have to face the empty, picked over shelves and 10 grocery carts in each line! Although when the kids were young, that’s was one of their favorite things, because they always met other young people there while waiting for us! The only thing that rivals the Destin Wal Mart during spring break is any grocery store or hardware store just before a hurricane!

Don’t forget to go back and look at some of my previous travel posts for ideas and suggestions. Destin, Orlando, etc!

If you’re driving to a beach vacation, this is a pretty all encompassing list:

If you are flying to a beach vacation, check this list out:

If you’d like either of these lists in a pdf, or Excel document just comment below and I will get them to you in that format!

2 thoughts on “Packing Lists

  1. Hi Friend!! Could you text or email me the flying list?? My mind is swirling to what to pack, and not pack, for our trip too!! Safe travels!!


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