Des Plaines, Illinois

Yesterday I told you how we were in the Chicago area for Jackson’s baseball team’s super regionals. We stayed in the town Des Plaines. What a nice little town, the downtown runs right by the Des Plaines River, there were lovely little shops and restaurants. We had a really nice lunch while we were there and I was surprised that The Tap House Grill (1472 Market Street, Des Plaines) didn’t have more than 3 1/2 stars on Yelp, honestly I would’ve given it 4 1/2 to 5.

It was mid-afternoon, so there were lots of empty tables. We were seated, greeted and waited on within minutes. The beer selection was great. The server pleasant and knowledgeable. The burger looked like standard burger fare, with crispy tator tots as a side, the cousin loved it. Another cousin had the shrimp tacos and said they were done well. The slaw on them was tasty, great flavors and plenty of food. I had the pesto, chicken & bacon wrap on lettuce leafs rather than tortilla wraps. I would definitely order again, in fact I will try to recreate. They were light and filling and quite delicious.

We also went to Mass while we were there. Sunday’s game didn’t start until 3 pm so we found a noon Mass (best of both worlds, sleeping in AND hitting Mass) at St. Mary’s Church (ironically that is the name of our home church) and I’m not sure what is different about Illinois priests, but here in Michigan, Mass always takes an hour. Whenever I go to Mass in my hometown in Illinois (or the town next to it) we are in and out in 45 minutes, and lo and behold, this one took 45 minutes as well. There must be some little differences that take less time.

But during that 45 minutes as I sat and reflected and looked around, it dawned on me that my home here in Michigan is certainly not very diverse. Maybe because it’s rural northern Michigan, maybe because it’s a small town, but definitely very homogeneous as far as our ethnicity is concerned. I’m sure that most small towns that are so small and so far from a ‘city’ tend to be like this, but growing up on the west coast and growing up in the Air Force culture, I’ve always been surrounded by diversity. So for me it was so enjoyable to be surrounded by people of all races, all cultures, all socio-economic levels, all giving glory to God and praying and visiting God’s house together! Isn’t that how life should be?

Even the grocery store was diverse! I’m sure they thought I was a little nutty, walking around taking snaps, but I was so enthralled!

Even the grocery store was diverse!

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