A Surprise Trip

Shhhh, don’t tell my husband, but I’m going to take him on a surprise trip next weekend. All week he’s been watching PBS and is fascinated with the landing on the moon, he remembers when it happened and watching it on TV, So I did some FBI level research and there is a very big celebration in Wapakoneta, Ohio , home of Neill Armstrong and The Armstrong Air and Space Museum which displays the capsule, moon rocks and one of his space suits. They close the roads in the downtown for a weekend long celebration and even have “Moon Menu Trail,” featuring moon-landing inspired dishes and drinks.. He is going to LOVE this!

The hotels in this small town of 9000 are all sold out but 15 miles away in the town of Lima there are lots of rooms still available.

I don’t usually make decisions about travel without consulting him first, but this will continue his “turning 60” summer, so I’m sure this surprise will be very much appreciated. Stay tuned for pictures and reviews.

It’s funny, if you talk to 20 different women, you’ll find that they and their spouse handle finances and spending 20 different ways! Some share all income and expenses in one account. Any purchases over a certain amount, a conversation decides final decision. Some couples have completely separate finance accounts: their own accounts, their own bills and they make their own decisions. You’ve got people who “surprise” the other with new cars. Then there are the infinite number of types in between. We are more towards the first, there aren’t a lot of expenditures that we don’t have a conversation about. Obviously presents are an exception to that “rule”, hence the beautiful wine refrigerator in my kitchen! I think with finances as with everything in a relationship there is no right or wrong, it’s whatever works for you. And what works for you might not work for others. This is just how we’ve always done it and it works for us.

Did you notice my new header on my blog?I took the same picture I had before but put a watercolor filter on it. Aren’t apps and filters just the funnest? What’s your favorite app?

As a side not, if you haven’t joined our Facebook group: SOS (save our skin), I highly recommend taking a moment and doing so. It will be very informative and full of great information!!!

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2 thoughts on “A Surprise Trip

  1. Sounds like it will be a really nice journey.

    I have been a space geek for much of my life. Recently I had the chance to visit the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA. It was mind blowing. In the control room they are still sending signals to and from Voyager I and II which have been in space for over 44 years and are no longer even in our solar system.

    Safe travels!


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