The Waffle House

I don’t know if there is anyone who is ambivalent about eating at a Waffle House. You know the place, found mostly in the south, letters in yellow blocks,… People either love it or HATE IT!

The Brejcha’s LOVE the Waffle House, every road trip or vacation usually includes a stop. Everyone has their favorite dish ( PECAN WAFFLES) , it’s fast, it’s cheap, it’s good. Mark shared his love of it with his students, so they talk their parents into experiencing it as well. And he has a tie, and a mug and bought a tee shirt one year, but that never made it home…. the mystery of the missing Waffle House t-shirt!

But it’s more than yummy food, it’s the story that’s every person working there has, and if you know Mark- you know we learn these stories!

It’s the different “personality ” of each store, depending on its location! The Montgomery, Alabama store has a much different personality than the southern Indiana store. And it’s fascinating to experience these personalities.

Some don’t like it, they don’t like seeing their food cooked that close up, they don’t need that “hometown flavor” with their waffles. And that’s okay- more room for me!

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