I love Southwest

Southwest Airlines used to be thought of as the no-frills airlines, now there are many even less frills airlines out there and Southwest has made their customer service so outstanding that for the most part you don’t even miss the frills!

I truly appreciate that they don’t “nickel and dime” you every time you fly. One price, includes your two checked bags (eliminating what Mark calls “overhead wars”), your seat &your snack.

We’re off to Florida tomorrow, well actually we’re flying into Birmingham and then driving into Florida on Saturday morning. It’s the first time we’re flying to spring break, usually we drive the 1000 miles. We’ll see how it goes. Luckily we’re staying with friends, so we don’t have to worry about coolers, chairs, towels, etc…

I’m sure I’ll do some work on my Rodan + Fields business while I’m there, do some summer planning, make a summer task list (otherwise know as a honey-do list) and maybe set some goals… it’s will be good to wind down and enjoy some sunsets, and as always search for dolphins!

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