I am blessed, I get to take 2 Florida vacations again this year! (and possibly 3…. Shhh don’t tell my husband!!). One is our annual trek to the emerald coast during our school’s spring break and the other is a trip to the Orlando area to watch Jackson and his college baseball team play in a big spring training tournament.

Which means I need to start making lists, and boy am I good at lists! Packing lists, itinerary lists, to do lists, don’t forget lists…I do a lot of lists!

I’ll share those with you when I get them completed, I keep them pretty generic so I can share. It’s always good to go on vacation without that “what am I forgetting” feeling.

Today I wore something to work completely out of my norm! For one thing I almost never wear pink. It looks so pretty on some people, but I feel like I’m wearing pajamas when I wear light pink. So I actually found this beautiful skirt that makes me feel very feminine , like a dancer feminine, and it’s more of a dusty pink, so It falls in my color wheel a little better. It’s from a store called Torrid, which is not one I usually shop in, but whenI walked by, this skirt called my name! The pink and white striped shirt came from our local Meijer store (like a super Target or Super WalMart but here in the Great Lakes region). And this little denim jacket is from Christopher & Banks, remember I talked about this one the other day, the teacher store.

These boots are from one of those online boot clubs called Justfab. The quality is not great, so if I buy from here, I tend to go for really trendy stuff because I’m pretty sure it won’t last too long (unlike my husbands 30 year old, still perfect, Soren boots). The grey was just fun though! Check them out if you get the chance, it’s usually something like $24.99 for 2 pair.

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