Alexandria, VA

Old Town Alexandria Virginia, what an amazing place with amazing history…. I sat in the same seat, the exact same seat that George Washington sat in at church today. And on top of that, had dinner at the same restaurant that George Washington ate at, and again sat in the same seat. George Washington, our very first president, sat in these same seats over 250 years ago. I was just in AWE!

Something that I haven’t done extensively is utilized car app services (Uber and Lyft). That is a game changer in a city like Washington DC, or even Alexandria. No rental car necessary, no waiting, no fighting for cabs, no trying to navigate in a city I don’t know. Just wait by the curb, and have a lovely conversation with a gentleman who was actually a legal advisor in the same area of Afghanistan my husband was in at about the same time, a few years ago, (which if you know my husband, know that this lead to some really great conversation).

We spent the entire day in Alexandria and wish for about 5 more to see and visit everything. We ate at and toured Gadsby’s Tavern (corner of N. Royal and Cameron Street). The food was top notch, the gals had Chesapeake Bay lump crab cakes and Mark had the “Cock-a-Leekie Pie”… I think he ordered it for the name, it was like a chicken pot pie with puff pastry rather than pie crust. We all LOVED it, and might I recommend the bloody mary (I always start vacations off with a bloody mary at noon on the first day) it was nice and spicy and he put pickle in it rather than olives, just like I like it. Elias was an excellent server, highly knowledgable with just the right amount of recommendations. The tavern museum was interesting as well, and worth a half hour or hour to see an authentic restaurant and hotel from the mid 1700’s.

Our next stop was Christ Church on Washington Street in Alexandria. The church was built in 1765 and one of the ways they funded this church was to sell ‘boxes’, all of their seating was in little seat boxes. The only box still intact is the one George Washington owned. This is where he worshiped with his family, every Sunday he made the hour and a half carriage ride from Mt. Vernon to attend this church. This Sunday is president’s day weekend. They will bring from Mt. Vernon President Washington’s family bible and the priest will read from it. It is the only day they do this and it is open to all. Every year the current president of the United States is invited to attend the service, and many have attended, the last being George Bush.

Our hotel is a very nicely done Fairfield Inn in Chinatown in Washington DC. I had never been and it’s a small Chinese area, but fun for this mid-westerner to visit. The staff her so far is outstanding, the room very clean, and when no mini-fridge was to be found in the room, they brought on right up! Thanks Marriott chain, great job.

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