Orlando/Kissimmee/Winter Haven

Such an interesting part of Florida here in the middle section! People from all over the world, people of all walks of life, people of all socio-economic status, people people everywhere. There are some real positives to this: Amazing restaurants of any type of food you desire, an unbelievable number of restaurants. Entertainment for everybody, any type you want. Any level of hotel/motel/villa/resort that fits your lifestyle and budget.

One word of caution, and I’m sorry WalMart, but this is true in Orlando AND in Destin, and probably every other super busy vacation spot in America, but I can only attest to two… If you go to shop at the Wal Mart, be prepared for more humanity in one small store, than you can hardly imagine. We’re here in Florida before spring break, so we thought we would be okay shopping at the Wal Mart store that is pretty close to Disney, we chose this one because it was 2.7 miles from our resort versus 5.2 miles from our resort…. BAD CHOICE! In all fairness, this only applied to the WalMart at 2855 N. Old Lake Wilson Blvd, when we went to the one at 550 US Highway 27, it was a lovely shopping experience!

Why was this a bad choice you ask? The aisles, every aisle, was literally so jam packed with people, you could barely get a cart through it. Which also means the shelves are picked clean. If any of you have been to Destin, Florida during spring break you’ve experienced this. It takes three times as long, the check out lines are horrendous, and everyone is annoyed. Take my advice: choose a different grocery store!

Here we chose to go 3 extra miles in the opposite direction and it was just fine. In Destin, we usually choose to go to the Publix, which is usually a bit more expensive but worth the extra few dollars for sanity, and I can not lie, one of our tasks when we vacation in Florida is to find the BEST Key Lime Pie. We’ve tried quite a few and swear by the ones from the Publix store. That alone keeps my business!

A game changer for those of you who use grocery delivery systems is “Shipt”, they deliver from the Publix in Florida. So you can set up your groceries to be delivered right to your vacation house shortly after you arrive and you don’t have to even venture to the store!

On a business note, if you’ve ever thought about checking out this amazing product line I use, there are three ways to order:

Contact me kimberlybrejcha.myrandf.com for more information.

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