Beware When You Fly

I recently flew to Washington DC with my husband to visit our daughter, who is doing her internship ‘on the hill’. When I fly, I want to be comfortable and casual but still look put together. I have that fabulous pair of “Women in Control” pants from QVC, super comfortable and yet still very stylish and sharp looking, a sweater I picked up from Maurices, enough to cover my bum, I wasn’t sure how much these pants would look like leggings (they do not) and I need all of my bottom covered when I wear leggings! The sweater is warm, which helps when you don’t want to wear a coat onto the plane and looks nice with black or with grey, all the flecks of color reflect both.

What I didn’t know or notice or take into consideration is that there is a fine thread of silver metallic material running through the entire sweater….THE ENTIRE SWEATER!!!! Which means when I went through TSA (bless their hearts) I lit up like a Christmas tree! My first full pat down ever followed, with that poor gal feeling just as uncomfortable as I, although once you’ve had children you’re kind of an open book, aren’t you? I seriously had not even noticed this thread (way to pay attention, huh?). I certainly learned a lesson that day. Look at this cute little Coach scarf, I certainly thought I was paying attention….

On of my 30-year-Air Force-veteran husband’s favorite sayings when he doesn’t pay attention to a detail (he MAY be a bit ADHD) is “It’s a good thing I don’t do surgery on people or fly airplane”s”. Apparently it’s a good thing I don’t either.

I’m flying home from Orlando today, no sparkly threads for me! I’ve had a great week watching Jackson play baseball and hanging by the pools with Katie, and the really great part, I could work my Rodan + Fields business while I was sitting by the pool or in the stands. But is it really work when you are connecting with amazing women that you love getting to know? What an amazing opportunity I’ve stumbled across. Care to join me?

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