An Oasis in the Middle of Everything

When I was trying to decide where to stay in the central area of Florida, while watching Jackson in a baseball tournament, I looked for a couple of things: I looked for centrally located (although if I were to do it again, I would look closer to the ball fields, rather than close to the airport and the Disney area). I looked for good reviews on Trip Advisor, and I looked for a good pool set up.

I hit the jackpot with this place! At The Holiday Inn Club Vacations, Lake Orange, there is not only a good pool, there are 6 good pools! These 6 include 4 nice size pools, a lovely swim around pool and a lazy river!

There are 5 restaurants on site, 2 putt putt golf courses, a real golf course (my villa backs up to the 8th hole, complete with it’s own pond AND small alligator….no joke!),

A climbing wall, a movie theater (“dive in” theater, located at the pool area, and yes you can watch it from the pool. There 4 ‘areas’ with story townhomes, 5 story condos, hotel like rooms, more condos and more townhomes.

I had no idea the number of amenities or the vast number of rooms there were here. I have since learned it’s part of a chain of these, that are time shares as well as open to the public.

The restaurants were mid priced and offered just about every type of food you could want. In addition, there are umpteen grocery stores within a 5 mile radius so you can cook in your own kitchen or grill out on one of the many grills around the housing areas.

I’m almost sorry that I will spend so much time at the ball field, as this place could keep me entertained for the whole week! But I certainly did enjoy seeing Jackson and his team out there yesterday and today, playing on the big fields.

Today was kind of nice, between games while sitting in the stands (in the shade by this time) I pulled out my phone and started working my Rodan and Fields business. That is one thing that I am loving about this new business I have is that it is completely portable. I can work from almost anywhere! Let me know if you would like more information about you too can be a part of this amazing opportunity!

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