The Oregon District

Take a look at my blog from 6 days ago, I told you about our friend who went to visit in this lovely little neighborhood called the Oregon District in Dayton Ohio. Now take a look at the news from the last few days, the Oregon District is in the news for a mass shooting. The same streets that I walked two weeks ago, are now littered with little yellow numbers from the police crime scene people, blood and bullet casings. How scary is that? The same streets where my friend lives, even scarier!

It’s fascinating that if you ask 50 people what the underlying cause of these mass shootings are and what a solution is, you would get 50 different answers. And I don’t know that any of them are right. And if you watch 5 different news channels, they will have 5 different takes on this story.

Maybe the world would be a safer place if we were all just a little kinder to one another. If hate and anger weren’t spewed on television and to and by people all over, wouldn’t the world at the very least just be a little more pleasant?

Maybe that’s a PollyAnna view but just think of the difference of how you feel and how you talk to or treat others in these two situations: if someone bumps into you and says “HEY! Watch out!” Versus if someone bumps into you and says “oh my goodness, excuse me…. have a nice day”. The first is rude and aggressive and can put you in a foul mood. The second is an oops, it’s a mistake, and we all walk away with a smile.

How about if you’re driving and someone flies up behind you, honks, and then flies around you and gives you a rude gesture. Versus someone who comes up behind you, waits for you to move back to the right lane and then gives a quick wave as they drive by you.

Do we all get frustrated occasionally? Yes of course, but just a little self control and nobody’s day is ruined, especially not yours.

So as my friend Julie says “Love more”, and just be kind people, it’s really not that hard.

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