Dayton, Ohio

I just realized I never finished telling you all about our Ohio trip. If you remember, we spent the very hot, humid day in Wapakoneta and ate lunch at the food trucks. After wandering through the downtown street fair, we decided to head over to Wright Patterson Air Force base. We’ll find any excuse to connect with our Air Force roots. We were headed to Dayton anyway to connect with an old friend, so this was just a stop along the way.

But before we could leave the Air Force base area my history loving, social studies teacher husband had to see the spot where Orville & Wilber Wright first flew their airplane. It’s just a farmers field with a old (but well maintained) wooden hanger and a catapult. This was it, this was where flight began! Mark was in a little bit of heaven!

One of Marks very, very best friends lives in Dayton and due to whatever circumstances; work, school, busy schedules, we hadn’t seen him in 2 years, not since another of our dear friends retired from the Air Force. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to see him and his very cool new digs. He lives in a very, very old church that has been converted into housing units (condos, townhouses, not sure which). The architecture was astounding.

What was just as cool was the neighborhood he was located in. A revitalized section of Dayton called The Oregon District Link here . What a fun hoppin’, happenin’ place. We had cocktails and appetizers at a place called the Trolley Stop. It reminded Mark a little if the old “Cheers bar” where ” everybody know your name”. It was hot and humid that day so we sat inside, but they had a fantastic patio if the weather were just a bit more cooperative.

From there we headed to Salar Restaurant and Lounge. I didn’t notice the “lounge” part, but this was a lovely little Peruvian restaurant. Light and airy decor with a waterfall wall on one side and an elongated bar running through the middle. The seating was intimate, almost little enclaves of tables, so you could do bigger parties and have privacy or you could entertain the young couple next to you like we did. We had a lovely conversation with them while waiting for drinks and then throughout the meal as well. I’m sure they hope they’re as much fun at our age as we are, HA. The food was delicious. We tried everything from scallops, to empanadas to lamp to pork. I had never had Peruvian food, so this was a treat. A little spice here and there and just really good clean flavors. I highly recommend either place if you’re in this area. Trolley Stop Link here is super casual and affordable probably one $, Salar Link here was a little more upscale, but you would not feel out of place in shorts and a nice tee. A little on the higher end price wise, two $$, or maybe 2 1/2.

Dayton is a nice town, they’re doing a wonderful job revitalizing and creating little niches. I’m pleased we got to experience part of it!

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