Destin, Florida and Lilly Pulitzer

Katie and I had the extremely wonderful opportunity to come down to Destin (actually Niceville) and visit with our dear friends before all the kids go back to college and the moms settle back into their routines. Mark absolutely hates hot, humid sticky weather, so he’s home minding the dogs.

Today we headed over to the 30a area with their yummy restaurants, lovely boutiques and pretty architecture. Mark dislikes lovely boutiques as well, so it’s a good thing he’s not with us. We spotted a Lilly Pulitzer store along the way and stoops in to see what was new. Katie is a huge, huge LP fan, I love it but feel like most of it is a little young for me.

So we tried on and tried on and tried more on ( REALLY a good thing Mark wasn’t there). I have to admit there were several things that I really, really liked and could get away with! Love the cheerfulness of the prints, the colors in the dressing rooms and how helpful the staff is. A big A+ for “The Barefoot Princess” at Watercolor, in Santa Rosa Beach Florida.

I will tell you that there were several I fell in love with and I made sure I knew the names of the styles that fit the best, did you know there are entire Facebook groups with thousands of followers who buy, sell and trade Lilly Pulitzer.

And look what’s cropped up again….. THE ROMPER!!!! Again, seen only in the dressing room! Love the sleeves on this one!!!

So if you’re in the area- go see my friends at the Barefoot Princess!

PS….. if you’ve read this to the end, ask me how I’ve lost 12 pounds so far and am fitting into Lilly Pulitzer clothes now!!!

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