Budget Travel

When I post something on Instagram I usually add my hashtags. If I’m writing about traveling or showing travel pictures I usually use the hashtag travelblog, travelblogger, or budgettravel. I decided to go out and look at some of the photos and stories under those hashtags. Let me just tell you, what I consider budget travel and what some others consider budget travel are at waaaaaaay opposite ends of the spectrum.

The photos I’m seeing show exotic locations, luxury hotels, and well coiffed young people….. Girl, when I talk budget travel, my whole vacation will be the cost of that airfare, and that’s everything for a week or 10 days.

Now I’m not saying you can’t find good deals on nice hotels, and I try to be well coiffed most of the time, but these pix are over the top and lasts face it, I don’t think the Four Seasons has a “bargain night”.

So either we have very different ideas of what “budget” means or it’s just a different perspective. And really, we all have different perspectives about things, different ideas and opinions. A person who is used to staying at a Four Seasons hotel would find staying at a Marriott or Hilton to be budget and for someone who is used to flying first class, a flight to some where exotic in coach would be a “on budget”.

And don’t get me wrong, I love a luxury vacation as much as the next gal, but we’re just plain ole middle class folks who also happen to like to travel. So if you want to see how to do it on a “tight budget”, follow this blog. Of course the economy plays a part in this as well, and let me tell you, the economy is GOOD!

When we first started spending our spring breaks in Destin we would rent this adorable little townhouse (think “old Florida”) for about $500 for the whole week. As our family grew (in size and numbers), we outgrew The Sea Cabins and have been staying the last few years in a gated community ” Emerald Shores” (think Pottery Barn setup), of course the price follow suit $2700 for the week. Luckily we have good friends we can share a house with, so we would split that, but that’s still a double in price in 15 years! The Sea Cabins are still there and still quaint, now though about $1000 for the week.

For years that we drive from Michigan our Budget is as follows: $300 for gas, $200 for hotels to and from, $1000 for housing for the week, $200 for restaurants (I don’t count groceries because we have to have them at home too), $150 to rent a pontoon and paddle boards and $150 for souvenirs. 5-6 of us for 10 days for $2000. And of that $500 is optional ( you don’t have to eat out and you don’t have to rent boats or buy tee shirts).

This year we flew and it looked like this: $600 flights, $250 rental car, $50 gas (we flew into Birmingham 240 miles away), we stayed with friends so no lodging (which is why we flew), $200 hotels, $200 restaurants and souvenirs (obviously the last was optional). This was $1300 just for 2 of us, but so enjoyable.

In honor of all this beach and travel talk, I’m wearing some summer style clothes today. I love these pink shorts from The Gap. A “city”cut, I love the cut and the length, and ooh la la the color. I like this length, even though I’m “over 50”. This tank I’ve actually have had in my closet for a while. It’s from Lane Bryant, and I have an orange zip up sweatshirt I wear with it, with black pants or shorts, but I just realized it matched these shorts today!

Or I could’ve worn white, but it would’ve needed some accessories.

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