Summertime in Northern Michigan

Michigan is all about the water; being at the lake, the beach or out on a boat. You can’t go more than a few miles in Michigan without seeing a body of water. There is an old saying “the two best days in a boat owners life is the day you buy it and the day you sell it.” After quoting this, Mark has always said we’ll just rent boats when we want to go out!

Today we have a lot of family in town visiting beause our niece is getting married this weekend. So my brother-in-law rented a pontoon boat. It was a perfect summer day to be on the boat; 80° weather, just a few fluffy clouds here and there in the sky, it was a week day so there weren’t too many boats on the river. Honestly though, I had no idea that we could rent boats on the big river just 10 miles from our home. So if you anywhere near Mecosta County, River Ridge Resort & Campground is the easiest and best place to rent them.

We traveled about 12 miles from the boat launch to the dam. It took us about an hour to go that route and it was just beautiful! When your whole extended family gets together, there’s always the possibility of a little stress being felt. This was a great way to alleviate that, it is so relaxing just floating down the river! Some choose to do it in tubes, a few blocks from our home where the river is really narrow and runs faster. I tend to like a boat between me and the critters that live in the water.

Come and visit “pure Michigan” anytime you need to rejuvenate, it’s a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

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