Beall’s in Florida

Is it pronounced Bells or Beels? If you’ve been to Florida, you know the store I’m talking about. Clothing, housewares, an extremely large selection of Tervis tumblers, very Florida-ish in their housewares.

Even better is the Beall’s Outlet, not only is there a wonderful selection of clothing I can’t find in Michigan, you can’t beat the prices! Just look at the details on this dress!

This time I found a large selection of dresses at an amazing price! This one might be my favorite, I do have a thing for polka dots!

Throw a sweater on and you’re all set for Michigan spring and because I never wear heels (hurts my ankles), my favorite Lifestride flats accompany this outfit!

So next time you’re in Florida, check them out, you might find dresses for under $17 as well!

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