Travel to Franklin Tennessee

Franklin, TN is one of my very very favorite small towns in America! We discovered it years ago on one of our spring break trips to Florida, we go right through there ( it’s just minutes south of Nashville. ) on I-65. It’s on my mind today because most of my Rodan & Fields friends are in Nashville this week for convention.

We discovered it the year Jackson had to do a civil war battlefield report in 5th grade. We decided to stop and gather info and learn all about it. Back then we stayed at the La Quinta right off the expressway, and for a couple years it was great, but the quality and service declined after a few years, so we’ve tried other places to stay. The Marriotts at Cool Springs, just one exit up are very nice and there is a choice of 3 of them. You know I love a Marriott and we found a great little Cajun restaurant just a couple of blocks away. The Cajun Steamer! Katie, who does not care for seafood at all, fell in LOVE with the “Melvins Chicken”. Jackson opted for a big ‘ole burger, the “Royale wit cheese”. Mark and I opted for fish & shrimp and shared. Cajun Steamer All that being said, we missed the quaintness of the small town by staying out in this suburban-y area.

So we now have two different options; when we have more than a night, we stay at an Airbnb and when we just have one night, the Candlewood Suites is opening soon and it’s right at the Franklin exit.

Why do I love this town? Well to start with, it’s a civil war town, so when you walk through and read the plaques on the houses and the signs on the streets you get a sense of the history, but more than that you can see it in the architecture and feel it in the air. The sense of history and culture and the depth of the ties people have to this town seems to be seeded in their extend family and goes back for generations.

The restaurants are outstanding! From the small chain of The Mellow Mushroom pizza with their delicious pizza and great selection of local craft beers, to Meridees Breadbasket with their breads, pies and unbelievable sandwiches, salads and soups. But don’t stop on Sundays, they aren’t open. Which is why we always try to schedule our stops on any other day. Next door to Meridees is Puckett’s Grocery. Make reservations for this one, the live music makes getting a table a little difficult, but the music and the food make it worth the planning ahead. These are just a few of the many options from one $ to three $$$ available.

The shopping is phenomenal! The downtown has everything you could imagine and more! Clothing, shoes, arts, home decor, all lovely shops with something for everyone with all price points!

Come for the history; stay for the arts, the food and the shopping. Don’t forget to take the ghost tour!

Sadly, I don’t have any jpeg pictures of Franklin, I’m really not sure why but I’m disappointed I can’t share that with you. But how about these shoes??!!!!

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