It’s time for another product review! This time it’s a carpet cleaning product called “Capture”. Not sexy, I know ๐Ÿ™„. But for years I either used a bottled spray cleaner or I paid the carpet cleaner guys to come in and soak my carpets and vacuum it up. That always attracted tons of dirt right away and felt almost sticky. Yuck.

Finally my good friend and carpet guru guy, John Ososki from The Carpet Gallery here in Big Rapids, shared his secret. The only product his wife Jenny says is allowed on their carpets… it’s called “Capture”. It’s by the Millikan Company out of South Carolina (isn’t that where carpet’s are made?) AND it’s made in the good ole USA!

I’ve been putting off cleaning some spots on the carpet in my bedroom, for absolutely no reason at all. It’s really, really light carpet, so any little spot (mine are usually from one of the pets vomiting) shows up. So these spots have been there for weeks or months. The really dark spots, I treated twice.

As you can see, it did a fantastic job!!! It is the only thing I’ll use on my carpets now. I tried a bigger part in the hallway in the main part of the house to see what it would do on high traffic stains.

You can find it at your local carpet store or your local Lowes big box hardware store, which also offers a 10% military discount, all the time.

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