Who wouldn’t want to quarantine in Florida?

Being from Michigan, we locked down early and locked down hard. I appreciate the effort to keep us safe, I truly do and I believe that was the intention, but after months and months of cold, gray, dreary Michigan my best friend and co-worker decided to change our quarantine location. It did take a little bit of work and creativity, but we found a way to make it happen and you can too. The key is to not only stay safe, but to be respectful of the full time residents in your new quarantine location.

We chose a spot that we know well, Destin, Florida. It is a straight drive south for us, the states we were driving through were semi-open to get gas and stay in a hotel. Plus we knew where we could stay to be contained, how to acquire food and were completely comfortable with the area. Marriott is our hotel chain of choice, and again, they did not disappoint. At that time there were no dining areas open in the hotels, so not hot breakfast. But they did give you an “order form’ to order whatever you wanted that would have normally been on the breakfast bar and then they had it wrapped up in a to go bag ready for us at a specified time. Well done Marriott. Sanitized rooms, TV remotes in plastic sanitizing bags, I felt very comfortable staying there.

Just like on Mark and my trip to Oklahoma, we took our own food in coolers. In addition to meals for the road we took groceries and toilet paper for at least the first part of our stay in Florida. We tried to not drain the resources of the area we were guests in.

We found a quaint little condo on Holiday Isle. If you have ever read my blog, you will know that Holiday Isle is one of my favorite areas in Destin mostly because of the quietness of the area, including traffic, and the proximity to the jetty which is one of the best places to find the dolphins. And on Holiday Isle is my favorite beach at Noriega Point. It’s a beautiful lagoon, where there is amazing snorkeling and you find those dolphins.

The condo was located on the beach, the water was just over the sand dune. It was at the end of a short dead end street and had easy access to the beach. The complex consisted of two buildings three stories high. All of the garages were on the first floor and the homes were on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Most of the residents were actually full time residents, there were just a few of us who weren’t residents. We had all the amenities and all of the toys we could possibly need in this garage. Grill, chairs, wagon, sand toys, beach towels, pool noodles, floaties… you name it, it was in that garage.

We had our groceries delivered via SHIPT, we grilled often, we went to the beach every single day, we walked every morning for miles and miles, oh AND we did our school work because school was still virtually in session. So we had school and work still. But what better place to do our work than with a view of the Gulf of Mexico! And a view of a dog, a cat AND a monkey on the beach??!!

Oh but wait, just as a side note, the most exciting thing happened! While in the car heading somewhere, it was such an exciting memory for me I don’t even remember where we were going, I saw LeighAnne Touhy drive past us on Holiday Isle, heading to the Pointe. So I whipped around, followed her to her parking spot and from far away said hello and that I was a big fan and follow her on Instagram and I was thrilled to see her! She was very gracious and indulged me by saying hello back and even commented and responded to my Instagram post about it! If you don’t know who LeighAnne Touhy is… think mom in the movie The Blind Side! THRILLING!

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