Baseball Season

I’m 11 days away from watching Jackson’s freshman season of collegiate baseball, and I couldn’t be more excited! Green grass, sunshine, fresh air…. I love baseball season! And along with baseball season comes being a baseball parent. Sitting in the stands or folding chairs for hours on end. Hopefully you all are as lucky as I am and the other parents are your friends as well. It makes the season, and then into the summer a blast!

And if you are anything like me, you have to dress the part. The team t-shirt or the baseball attire. Until the temperature dips below 40 that it, and then the parka come out.

A red cotton dress from Old Navy, a pair of baseball leggings from Hello Pink (a company my friend Angela jumped in on at the ground level). A cute denim shirt from CJ Banks and Birkenstock sandals round out the ensemble. But don’t forget that monogrammed bag!

The baseball flag t-shirt here I found at Dick’s Sporting Goods, along with denim shorts from Lands End and another pair of Birkenstocks!

Even the dads get in on the SWAG !

And don’t forget your toes!

One thought on “Baseball Season

  1. I am loving your blog friend! Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to following you with baseball season! ❤️😊


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