Destin Eats

The food in the Destin, Florida area is something to talk about! Whenever we travel anywhere, we ask the locals where to eat. The folks who work in the grocery store, or the rental management office, or the locals at the pool and if we’re really lucky we have friends who live in the area!

Our two favorite ‘fun’ restaurants that we especially enjoyed when our kids were younger. Pompano Joe’s (the original) is right on the beach, you can enjoy beverages and watch the kids play volleyball while you’re waiting for a table, might I recommend the coconut shrimp!

Fudpuckers is a whole evening’s entertainment. Alligators, music, dancing, good food (don’t forget the milk shakes) and don’t forget to bring a sharpie so you can sign your name on the wall.

Along the same lines of family fun restaurants is Lulu’s (a second location after Gulf Shores). Founded by Lucy Buffet (Jimmy’s daughter), it is located on the bay side of Destin, drive up or boat up! With good food (try the Crab Toast!) a sandy play area for the kids, inside and outside seating, it’s a family favorite.

A small locally owned favorite is Dewey Destin’s. Not the “new one” on the harbor, but the original one, on the bay side. The one with the picnic tables on the pier! The first time you pull in, you may be concerned by the fish packing buildings and the multitude of cats… keep driving, it will be worth it! No fresher seafood in this area. And if you’re lucky you’ll get to see the Pirate Ship float by. Try Dewey’s New Orleans Style Snowballs, It appears to be the oddest combination of shaved ice and sweetened condensed milk ~ OH SO DELISH!

Over on the 30a side there are a multitude of amazing places to eat. For a fun afternoon, head over to The Taco Bar in Seaside. Part of the Bud and Alley’s Waterfront Restaurants, their shrimp tacos are out of this world.

Take a wander around the seaside square while you’re there, it always reminds me of wandering around the Hamptons, watch out for the bicycles though, they are abundant! For breakfast/brunch or lunch in Seaside, check out 2 Birds Coffee & Cafe …. YUM is all I can say, the freshness of the place is out of this world.

Each year we sample key lime pie from every place we can find it, and most often the winner of the taste test is the Pubix grocery store.

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