Nope, not Professional Bull Riding, Not Pabst Blue Ribbon, it is Pilates Big Rapids! Now I’ve been consistently going to Planet Fitness for over a year now. I do my 30-50 minutes of cardio and then about 3 days a week go into the circuit room and do arms, move onto inner and outer thighs and home I go. But very rarely work my core, which I need the most (speaking as an apple shaped woman over 50) to keep my back in good form. It’s hard, I’m not good at it so I avoid it, dumb I know. I am not thin or super muscular, but I feel pretty good about what I can do and how my cardio system is and how I’m treating my heart.

So when Katie invited me to go to a Pilates class with her, I thought this would be the perfect way to engage that core. She nanny’s this summer for the owner of the new Pilates studio in town, it’s a wonderful looking place (I had seen it through the windows) calming colors, serene style, light tile floors, storefront glass windows and a full mirror in the back … you can picture it…

I agreed right away, but the day of the class came and I came up with 87 excuses throughout the day not to go. “I just had too much to do, I can’t do all that these young girls can do, I’ll look silly, it’ll be too hard”….. a million and one excuses. But I had signed up, so barring extreme illness or hospitalization, I feel it’s wrong to cancel on a small business owner. So I asked Katie what I was supposed to wear (not from a fashion sense, I just truly had no idea). She recommended Capri or full leggings and a top that wasn’t too baggy, and stayed in place, and bring socks… sticky if you have them, or the studio had them. You are moving your legs all around and up and down and you don’t want to flash anyone.

Oh my gosh people, I am so glad I went to this class. Ava is a gem! She is truly talented in her instruction, encouragement, her form and style. She made everyone feel right at ease, right away. She offered different levels for each pose. The 50 minutes FLEW by! If you are in Big Rapids or near Big Rapids, I highly recommend giving her class a try. And if you’re on the fence about a Pilates class, for the same million and one reasons I was, I say just do it. Go for it, what have you got to lose? Walking in the door is the hardest part, just “go with the flow” for the rest!

Facebook page: Pilates Big Rapids

Instagram page: @pilatesbigrapids

If you aren’t in Michigan with me, I suggest googling your nearest class. It may be at the “y” or an exercise studio, but just do it, your body will thank you! Yesterday I was 5ft 5 1/2inches tall, today I am 5ft 6inches tall!

And because I got caught up in the technology yesterday and couldn’t get an example of the travel itineraries I use, I’m adding one here. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out yesterday’s blog!

I just use Excel when I make my itineraries. Sometimes I add graphics, just for fun!

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