The Komono

When I think of “komono” I think of those beautiful color silk dresses worn by Japanese women, but last year I started seeing them all over as lightweight gauzy over layers for solid dresses or tees, depending on the length, I wasn’t completely sold, although I did like the depth and versatility it gave to spice up all these plain tee shirt dresses I have in my closet. (Thank you $9.97 Zulily), but I jumped onboard when my friend wore it as a beach coverup over spring break- FANTASTIC! Wear it either alone over your swimsuit or over a sleeveless plain tee dress. It’s such a finishing touch, a way to add some pop to another plain dress. Now, I have nothing against plain dresses, I wear then that way often, but I’m just offering you another option!

Isn’t is great how it totally changes the look of this outfit to go from plain dress to long white sweater (JC Penney Worthington brand) to Kimono? I picked a lighter one with some peach and teal colors in it at my fabulous local boutique “Serendipity” last year. I ordered a couple from Zulily this year, and actually have a red one that I found at our local Meijer store! Some trends I jump on right away, I’m not sure why this one has had me stalling. I’ll do a post though in the next few weeks with all of them, but I’d have to be home for more than a few hours to snap some pix!

The necklace comes from this little after market store called “Label Shopper”, it’s one of those that sometimes I can find things, sometimes not, but it’s fun to look and super affordable, I think this necklace was $1.99.

This weekend we’re in the Chicago area, Des Plaines to be exact at Oakton College. It’s a lovely little town with a revitalized downtown area, a new restaurant, shopping area, lots of trees and streams and a big river. We are here to watch Jackson’s baseball team in the super regional, the sweet 16 if you will of his division in college baseball. It was a beautiful 80° sunny day when we started at noon yesterday..,, ( leaving home mind you. at 7 am) but after a little while the rain came in and then lightning so they went on a 5 hour delay, when they started back up at 6:30 they had to finish the second half of that game and an entire other game! They lost the first by one run in the 10th inning (yes there are only 9 innings in baseball) and then won the second with some top notch pitching, at 12:30 AM … fell into our hotel room EXHAUSTED and slept for 9 hours straight without even rolling over!

We head back out to the field for a 3 pm game today, which means another late night for those of us with a 4 hour drive home! Hoping for positive outcome today as the winner heads to the World Series in Tennessee!

As a travel side note: if you are ever in this area, the Delta (ironic as that’s The college Jackson plays for) Hotel by Marriott in Glenview is quite lovely, it’s BIG, must’ve been a convention center, lots of rooms, but this king suite is fantastic. Very very clean, amazing, as always,, Marriott beds, great in-room coffee and very affordable at $108 for rewards members! This pic is just the sitting room, the bedroom and bath are through that door!

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