What is “My Why”?

My son Jackson’s senior yearbook had a feature that many of the students participated in called “what is your why”.   It states:  “Your why is the foundation of you, your why is your passion, it’s the force that motivates you to follow your dreams, it defines who you are and what you value”. Why haveContinue reading “What is “My Why”?”

Rodan & Fields, Let’s watch the change…

I’m going to be completely transparent here with this photo so we can watch over the next several weeks the changes!  Well, maybe with the second photo (why can’t we just look like we do with Snapchat filters all the time)? How in the world do you take a selfie though and not look cross-eyed? Continue reading “Rodan & Fields, Let’s watch the change…”

Whole30 isn’t the hardest thing you’ve ever done.

Isn’t it amazing how what you are wearing and what you have put in your body effect how you look?  Take a look at this picture, it was literally taken 6 days apart!  The picture on the left was taken first, I was wearing one of my very favorite dresses, the ‘fit and flare’ byContinue reading “Whole30 isn’t the hardest thing you’ve ever done.”