If We’re going To Do Masks

Leave it to Americans to make lemonade out of lemons. Let’s face it and be real about it, no one likes wearing masks. No one. Not conservatives, not liberals, not adults, not children, no one, no one enjoys wearing masks. I’m pretty sure surgeons don’t even enjoy wearing masks, but they know they have to,Continue reading “If We’re going To Do Masks”

Who wouldn’t want to quarantine in Florida?

Being from Michigan, we locked down early and locked down hard. I appreciate the effort to keep us safe, I truly do and I believe that was the intention, but after months and months of cold, gray, dreary Michigan my best friend and co-worker decided to change our quarantine location. It did take a littleContinue reading “Who wouldn’t want to quarantine in Florida?”

Branson, Missouri…who knew

As with most people, our travel has been completely subdued since March. Actually my best gal pal and I chose a different quarantine location for 3 weeks in late May, that’s another blog subject… but other than that there has been no traveling, and for us, summer is all about road trips and travel. SoContinue reading “Branson, Missouri…who knew”