If We’re going To Do Masks

Leave it to Americans to make lemonade out of lemons. Let’s face it and be real about it, no one likes wearing masks. No one. Not conservatives, not liberals, not adults, not children, no one, no one enjoys wearing masks. I’m pretty sure surgeons don’t even enjoy wearing masks, but they know they have to, just as right now we know we all have to.

If you think back to the last several years, on and off you’ve seen pictures of classrooms full of kids wearing masks in the Far East, or people walking down the street in some Asian city wearing masks. We had come to assimilate mask wearing with the Asian culture, but not only that, if you remember, all of those masks were the disposable white or light blue ones. Are you picturing this?

Well, welcome to America and the year 2020…. Most states have had mask mandates or had mask recommendations. Students are back in school, they are wearing masks. Their teachers are wearing masks. Your servers are wearing masks, your bank tellers are wearing masks, your athletes are wearing masks… you get the picture… but what do you notice about all of these versus what you have seen in the past few years in other countries? America has to do the mask thing better. We have taken what could be a dull, drab existence and jazzed it up.

It started with everyone with a sewing machine sewing masks for all anyone who wanted them, so many masks in fact that many places ran out of elastic and many stores ran out of material or quilting squares. Then boutique stores starting selling them, and as we got closer and closer to schools opening and as more and more states started requiring them all of the chain stores and grocery stores are now selling them.

But leave it to the Americans, leave it to the cowboys to make sure that not only do we have masks to match every outfit, masks to support every sports team, masks with our school and work logos, masks to show what our passions are but we also have chains to hold our masks on and lanyards so we don’t lose our masks.

Let me reiterate, no one likes wearing mask, but by by gosh if we have to, let’s look good doing it and show our style!

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