Nosey Rosie the Doodle

Rosie the Doodle is six months old now and she is been such a wonderful addition to our family. She is Hank’s very best friend, and has ingrained herself deep into all of our hearts. She loves all of her people and loves to express that love with very aggressive kisses.

Rosey started school last week. If you remember Hank’s not so successful try at puppy school, you know why we were so excited that she is a star pupil. Poor Hank, he just didn’t stand a chance at puppy school. Because of his cancer surgery removing the front half of his lower jaw, and the time it took to heal that, we didn’t even get him to puppy school until he was about 5 or 6 months older than all of the other dogs. And because he is such a big dog, he was about 3 times the size of any other dog, AND he had never been socialized. But Miss Rosey is the same age as all the other dogs. She is the same size as all the other dogs and she loves socialization. She loves puppy school and all the new friends she is getting to hang out with each week.

We’ve always had Labrador retrievers, a Labradoodle is a whole different breed for us, but I completely understand now why people love this breed so much. She is super smart; potty trained in just a week and follows all the commands we teach her. Maybe she’ll have a future as a therapy dog? She loves people, she’s very laid back, and gentle except when she is trying to get as close to you as she possibly can, she’s not high strung at all, instead she’s just pretty chill. Plus she’s so stinking cute, she looks like a stuffed animal.

The question that we have been tossing around was whether to spay her or whether to let her have a litter of puppies. We tossed around the pros and cons of both and the bottom line is we are not breeders, and we would be devastated if something happened to her, and although her looks and personality are so amazing that we would love to propagate her genes, we decided that it wasn’t worth the risk. Instead we’ll just love her and enjoy every minute with her. She’s a wonderful companion and Hank the tank couldn’t be happier to have Rosie as his best friend.

I would highly recommend this breed to anyone. They’re good family dogs, great companions and we couldn’t be happier that she became a member of our family.

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