Where’s the Beef?

Oh great, first it was toilet paper, still can’t figure that one out – Lysol I get, hand sanitizer – I get, bleach – I get…. but toilet paper? anyway, now it’s meat.

I haven’t been to the store in a week (I try to go every two weeks, but inevitably have to make a run for produce in between) so I have no idea how the store shelves are doing. I do know that the more you tell people that there is a meat shortage and the meat shelves are empty, the more people are going to hoard and buy in bulk, cartful massive bulk. Just like toilet paper if you just buy a pack every time or every other time you shop, you’ll have plenty.

I don’t usually rant on this blog, it is a “give you a smile”, “cheer up your day”, occasionally make you think kind of blog, but there are just some inconsistencies going on right now that are driving me NUTS!

Here are the things that are making me wonder WHY we aren’t creating solutions….. and yes these are examples on the news, so I’m basing my questions on network news stations, I do get snippets from all different kinds of news outlets… MSNBC, CBS, CNN, Fox, NBC, The Weather Channel, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post….

In one part of Florida you have a tomato farmer who is plowing over, driving over, thousands of tomatoes and other crops, and in another part of Florida you have hundreds and hundreds of people lined up in a food line, the pantry running out of food. Help me here… WHY can’t these people get those tomatoes and other veggies? Why not line up here first, go grab a bushel and make tomato sauce, eat tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, etc…? Can’t the farmer write that off as a donation now instead of waste? The argument was that there is no one to pick them, okay so have people sign a waiver and come get them. And this is one field in America, how many are there we could do this with?

You have farmers dumping milk in fields (that’s gonna smell), surely there is a similar solution to that, although I’m not sure about the whole pasteurization process, where that happens or how that happens. But we have dairys around here that sell milk local, surely there must be a way? Shoot I learned from Mrs. Denny, our 3rd grade teacher, how to make butter….. There is your homeschooling lesson for the day! I’m just one small mind in all of America, surely someone has a solution to this?

You now have others saying they will have to euthanize cows or hogs because the meat packing plants are closed…… I don’t know about big cities, but here in our area of Michigan we probably have at least six meat processing small businesses. I’ve gotten my beef from them so I know they are there. Why not donate the cows or hogs to people in the food lines, where all they would have to pay is the processing price? Again, there may be more details to work out, I’m just thinking off the cuff here, but wouldn’t a write off be better than euthanizing AND put food in peoples homes?

We need to get better at this people, we are a global society, we KNOW what is happening thousands of miles away IN REAL TIME. Why can’t we just work together to come up with these solutions?

Whew, rant over, and feel free to give me feedback, maybe I have not idea what I’m talking about. I’m seeing the big picture here……. Overabundance of some foods….. people in food lines going hungry…….

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