5 Ways to wear Bike Shorts?

Now I’ve worn bike short for years, when I exercise and with a long tee shirt to cover ‘things’, or under dresses, kind of like Spanx but way less expensive and way more comfortable, but I’m seeing over and over this season bike shorts are on trend! One of the magazine articles listed these 5 ways to wear bike shorts this summer.

Bike shorts with long top

Bike shorts with an oversized blazer. It states that this will make your bike shorts look sophisticated and chic. Now, I’m only a self-proclaimed fashion expert, but I’m not sure that “bike short” and “sophisticated” should ever even be in the same sentence! I love that I can throw a blazer on with a tee shirt and jeans and pull off that ‘dressed jeans’ look, but I just don’t think the same applies to bike shorts. One article even stated a blazer would make them look business-friendly…. hmmm… wonder what business that is?

Bike shorts to hike Colorado

And please don’t get me wrong, I am not criticizing the writer of these article or the magazines, I think if anyone has ever looked at ‘high fashion’ there are a LOT of things that are strange out there. The majority of people would never wear the things that come down a runway at a high fashion show….. You know what I mean….

Secondly you can wear bike shorts with a knotted button down shirt. Ummmmm, I don’t even wear my shirt knotted, let alone with bike shorts. Now that’s just me, and my ‘problem’ area. For me it would be like a glaring neon sign pointing right to wear I ‘carry” my weight. Knotted shirt and jeans? CUTE! Knotted shirt and tailored shorts? CUTE! On me? Not so much, and with bike shorts…. No thank you.

Denim Jacket and Crop top …. ummmm… nope.

Paired with a summer sweatshirt? Now we’re getting somewhere.

Wearing bike shorts with a graphic tee? YES. That is what I’m talking about. And please make sure that graphic tee is long enough to cover a little bit anyway.

Long Capri length bike shorts under this dress

These are just some of the article titles that are out there about bike shorts this spring (I told you they were HOT)… “12 Best Bike Shorts”, “13 Best Fashion Bike Short – Cute Bike Short Outfits”, “Styling Bike Short”, “Bicycle Shorts: Outfit Ideas and How to Style”, “Trend Alert: Here’s How to Style Bike Shorts:”, “The New Way to Wear the Bike Shorts Trend”, “How Fashion People Will Reinvent Bike Shorts”, “The Best Bike Shorts Moments from the Runways and Beyond”….. and that’s just the first page on my phone when I Google “are bike shorts in fashion”.

And thankfully Spring is getting here in West Michigan. The sun has been shining and the temperature has been in the 60’s (although 30’s and 40’s at night) and we who live in the north with a large percentage of the year our days are cloudy, are so grateful for the blue skies. There is just something about that sun shining that lifts the spirits and makes people happy!

Had Capri length baseball printed ones order here!

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