The Right Red

Christmas is a time to wear red! I also wear it a lot around Valentine’s Day and who can forget that it’s a “power” color. If you want to exude “I’m in charge”, nothing works better than a red blazer or dress!

There are so many variations of red and it can be challenging to find the right one for your skin tone! I tend to have a fairer complexion, and lighter hair and eyes so reds that have a blue undertone work best on me. The other shades of red have a more orange undertone and they make me look a little jaundice, UNLESS it’s towards the end of summer and my skin is very sunkissed, then they seem to work! There are also reds that lean more towards a cranberry color, I can wear those because again, blue undertone. With the bright reds that lean towards the pink, it could go either way on me.

Christmas break is over now, well, let me rephrase that, Christmas break will be over at 11 am today, thanks to the usual Sunday snowstorm here in Michigan we have a 3-hour delay this morning. That’s a new thing this year after TWENTY FOUR snow days last year, yep you read that right 24 days off of school. Mainly due to ice, because really anymore, we don’t get enough snow to stop a school bus or SUV, it’s the icy roads that get us. So after missing almost a month of school Last year, and making it all up in the month of June, they hatched a new plan. And that is to wait until the snow plows/salt trucks have had the opportunity to get on the road and make them drivable. Now, why don’t they do this at 2 am Monday morning so it’s all set to go by 6 am when the busses head out? Your guess is as good as mine

The good news is the kids will be well rested, that first morning after 2 weeks off is rough! By the end of that 2 weeks you’re just finally starting to sleep in past when your alarm would go off, and I mean GOOD sleep. It’s interesting that it usually takes that long to start really sleeping past your alarm time and I notice that in summers too, it’s about the 10 day to 2 week mark that you don’t automatically wake up about alarm time!

It always feels like Christmas break is half way through the school year (perception, right?) but actually it’s not until the end of January that we hit the half way mark. What’s nice for us though, is all of our scheduled days off take place Christmas and after, so it really does feel like it moves along quicker. Easter Break, spring break, MLK jr day, Memorial Day, all of those break up the monotony of school in the winter and spring.

It’s funny though, I don’t know if it’s because those are planned, so we all schedule around them and lesson plan around them, but when you start adding in snow days, the rhythm is off, kids get out of their routine and teachers just can’t get good forward momentum. The last couple of years we have countered this by sending home “snow day packets”, which helped to keep the kids on track. No one loves them. Not the students who had to do school work at home, not the parents who had to supervise that school work and not the teachers who not only had to create them but also had to grade them. But they did keep the kids on track and our curriculum was completed on time, and our kids continued to learn and be successful. The “powers that be” though didn’t like it one bit, so they forced the discontinuation of snow day packets. Really a shame because despite being a bit of a pain, it really did keep the kids on track academically.

Well now that Christmas break is over, I’ll look forward to my next excuse to wear red, Valentine’s Day!

How about that red lipstick? Both purchased at my local Wal Mart. both right at $6. I absolutely love the one by Rimmel, it’s a satin so it’s longer lasting, but because it’s a stain, it is dry, it’s got a gloss on the other end but I prefer chapstick. The tube is also from Rimmel. Who knew they had such great lipstick?

Red cardigan sweater from Kohl’s, red broadcloth tunic from Lands End and jeans from Maurice’s. I should’ve showed you the waistline on these jeans, they are AMAZING in that they are pull on!! No kidding, they are the most comfortable jean I’ve owned, they rank right up there with Chico’s boyfriend cut and Old Navy RockStars! And the skinny leg makes them perfect for tucking into boots. Boots from my local Serendipity boutique in downtown Big Rapids. The necklace is an oldie from Brighton. It’s got a snowman on one side and winter words printed on the other.

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