10 Reasons I am a Great Friend to Have

I saw something similar to this online the other day and changed it a little bit to fit my personality. Here are 10 reasons I am a great friend to have:

  1. My house is never perfect, the 37 seconds a week it is, is because my husband and children took the dogs for a walk and no one has entered it after I finished cleaning. Members of my family can simply walk through and things muss up. It should always make you feel better about your efforts.
  2. I will always have extra hair ties, tide-to-go sticks, ibuprofen, shoe laces, chapstick or anything else you may need, whenever you may need it, and I will happily share.
  3. I am usually a half-disaster/hot mess, as much as I try not to be. Think dripped toothpaste, spilled spots of lunch, undone pretty scarf, lost earring, etc… So I’m highly unlikely to ever judge you.
  4. I will always be as fully myself as I can, so hopefully you can always be yourself as well.
  5. I will always get the dessert or wine with you! If you want a late night dessert partner or need a glass of wine and some WHINE, I AM YOUR GIRL!!!
  6. I will always be down for a trip, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME! If you ask me to drive 57 hours to the everglades in Florida, just give me 5 minutes to grab my “go bag”, a diet coke and some snacks! We’ll stop and get gas and off we’ll go!
  7. I will always be supportive of you, but I WILL not coddle you. I will tell you like it is, and hope you understand that it is because I love you.
  8. I will never be skinny, so you can always stand next to me in photos and not feel bad about yourself.
  9. My kids and husband are loud and wild. I will never be surprised or shocked by anything your family does or says.
  10. When I am in, I am ALL IN!
I like the darker pants with this top, although the light khaki matches.
These pants are WAAAAY too big, oops! I like the darker grey though.

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