Two Jumpsuits

You guys know my aversion to jumpsuits. First of all they are a pain to put on and take off. That full length one piece thing just leads to getting stuck or not being able to reach zippers. Second, half of my life is spent at baseball fields and whether they have running water bathrooms (which really does make my day) or portapotties, neither is conducive to removing all of your garments to take care of nature. My third issue is unless your 6 foot tall and 110 lbs, there is always some part or piece of it that looks weird. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s either the torso of the garment is too long or to short, or the legs too long or too short.

So on my quest to do dressing room fashions. I decided that would be a safe place to at least try the jumpsuits. Remember, I’m well into my 50’s…. I was around the last TWO times jumpsuits were popular… I remember the struggle and I was MUCH younger!

This first one, by Vera Wang, I loved, loved the top of it. Of course it was like wrestling an alligator to get it on, but no one was around to see the struggle, so that was fine. I like the cut and the color and even the fit, however, look how weird it looks between the belt and my inseam. It looks like my torso is seriously stretched and there’s a strange horizontal gap, maybe under garments?? I don’t know, but I wrestled the alligator again to get it off, almost had to call for help!!!

On to number two (that’s all I could do, I was exhausted mentally and physically)

Again, part of it is good, and part… what in the world is going on?! Again a Vera Wang, love her styles from Kohl’s. The cut of the top is flattering but the legs are ginormous and about a foot too long, and I’m not a short person. And there is some weird cut that makes my hip and/or butt look very strange in the last picture. Again, a big fat PASS on this style.

Oh well, I have it the old college try. Sadly, these won’t be coming home with me.

One thought on “Two Jumpsuits

  1. OMGosh – jumpsuits – you are right, the top is super flattering, but the bottoms, not so much. You can imagine them on someone as tall as me 😦 Thanks for sharing fitting room fashion!!


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