Living Up to the Hype

Have you ever looked at someone else’s Instagram page and thought “nope, can’t follow this one, this person is FAR too cool for me. I came across that today and yup, that is exactly what I thought when I looked at this one. Their pictures are lighted just perfectly, their pix are beautiful and interesting, they are doing fascinating things in their pix. Yeah, I just can’t live up to that. The closest I ever came to that cool was when I accidently rented a Jeep last April and got to drive around Florida in it. How did I come across this blog you ask? I’m doing an online course recommended by a friend called 10K Blog Traffic Challenge. There are an amazing number of blogs out there and bloggers, in all different kinds of genres. It’s just fascinating! Even within a genre, there are different takes on how to write about things.

Travel bloggers, for instance, write in many different styles; some offer lists of possible hotels, restaurants and activities. Some tell details of travel, some tell details of events. There are family travelers, RV travelers, travelers who are going to all of the National Parks, Disney travelers, oh the list goes on.

There are fashion bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, bloggers about illnesses and ailments, when you think about the fact that most people have 5 things that are prevalent in their lives, whatever your 5 things are, I’m sure there is a blog about it. As you know, I do FBI level research when I’m looking into something, so I have seen A LOT of blogs the past few days!

A lot of people blog about their pets, as you know, my pup Hank has been a subject of my blog many times. This week I was doing some research on diets for dogs who have or have had cancer, or for cancer prevention, so while reading blogs, I was led to several Facebook groups. Suffice it to say, it’s a sad, sad world full of hurting dogs. I’m going to have to figure out how to not have so many of these conversations come across my Facebook feed. It breaks my heart every time I read one of them. Hank is recovering very nicely from his surgery though and I’m very thankful for that. Tonight I was having a conversation with my friend who I got Hank from, and she sent me a picture of his sister, Lillie. It’s amazing how much they look alike, and how much they don’t. Hank is really, really smart. She looks like she is as well, doesn’t she?

My favorite blog is my friend Tania’s, it’s a great way to wake up every day:

Other blogs I enjoyed finding:

One thought on “Living Up to the Hype

  1. I literally laughed out loud when I read this.

    > The closest I ever came to that cool was when I accidently rented a Jeep last April and got to drive around Florida in it.

    It’s never ceased to amaze me on just how many blogs there are in the world. Really happy to have discovered yours.


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