“Gild The Lily”

I talked a lot about budgets in my blog, budget travel, where to save money, things like that… We’re very fortunate in that we have a military retirement plus we have a public school teacher salary from Mark and a Catholic school salary from me. But because Mark is a few years older than I am and when he retires I want to retire, we put a lot of money into our retirement funds. That means all of the extras that we do; travel shopping etc. I try to do on a budget.

One of the places that I found in our local area is a consignment store for clothing and furniture called “Gild the Lily.” This is an amazing little shop in the town about 45 minutes, called Rockford, Michigan. Rockford is an upscale bedroom community close to Grand Rapids, Michigan. “Gold The Lily” is a wonderful consignment store that has a lot of department store brand type clothing. Brands like Ann Taylor, Anthropology, Lilly Pulitzer, Calvin Klein, Birkenstock, UGG… you get the picture. And because it is a consignment store things are priced at about a quarter of what we would pay for a new one at the department store. And because it’s an upscale store they very particular about the items they take in, in other words, they are very gently used. So if you’re ever in the Rockford area it’s on the corner of 10 mile Road and Northland Drive behind the gas station. They also have a store downtown Rockford that has wonderful furniture and household type goods.

In fact, that’s where I got this little ensemble. The dress is from Lane Bryant, the jacket is Ann Taylor. This dress is a strapless, and I don’t think that “straight across” strapless is the best look on me, here’s what I mean:

Maybe the stripes need to be “fixed”, I don’t know, I just like this dress so much better with the jacket!

If you visit, say hello to Kim, the owner, and tell her Kim from Big Rapids sent you!!

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