Wearing Pink Over 50

For some reason every time I put on a top that is baby (pastel) pink, feel like I have pajamas on. I don’t know if prior to this shirt I own a single top that’s pink. I have light pink pants and light pink shorts, but haven’t done the tops. Now others wear pink and I love it on them. My friend Trisha wears it well all the time, and Lauren, and Angela…. but I just haven’t. so I moved out of my comfort zone and wore this today.

Every time I caught myself in a mirror, I thought “pajamas!!!” Oh well.

We all develop our own styles and like different things.

My dogs are feeling very destructive these days. Chief has always had this “thing” about stuffed animals:

Now hank has decided the backyard cannot be decorated. He pulled the geraniums out of the pots I had them in (luckily I scaled back and only did two. And now tonight he decided that the star pillows I had on the chair was a chew toy. Who knew there was so much stuffing in these little pillows!

As long as he stays away from my shoes, we’re okay!

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