Scrunchies Are Back

No tacos for Tuesday today, rather I’m going to share this fabulous find with you: have you tried VitaCup infused coffee blend? They’re in the K-cup Aisle and they are my new obsession! I drink two every morning! I get my coffee AND my vitamins at the same time! And the coffee is GOOD! I’m a coffee snob, so this find has made me happy! This coffee has tumeric (so good for inflammation), cinnamon (good for your cholesterol levels) and MCT oil, which is good for you but I haven’t looked it up to see why!

How about this sweet top! I found it at Serendipity, the small boutique in here in Big Rapids. It’s great for these Michigan CHILLY spring mornings! It goes perfectly with these navy ankle pants ANA brand from JCPenney, because it has been so chilly I had to cover up my toes again. I got out my favorite Lifestride flats in Navy.

No jewelry today, but I’ve got my navy scrunchie ready if this hair gets in my way today! I love that these scrunchies from the 80’s are back in style. They are so much kinder to your hair than ponytail holders or rubber bands! I’ve found them in all colors and patterns!

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