It is so hard to find the perfect lip color! I loved this formula and packaging, but the color is a little too pink for what I was wanting.

And if you do find the perfect color, is it the right formula this? This one by Clinique is a great color but the packaging is a pain!

I get a ton of different kinds in those monthly sample boxes..,Why is it that if a bunch of stuff comes in a gift basket or a combined box it’s just irresistible? I mean really, line up a bunch of tooth brushing supplies and “meh”, whatever…. but put those same items in a basket with some cellophane wrapping around it and a bow and I can’t resist it.

Sample size or full size, even a bunch of stuff I don’t need and end up giving to my daughter, I just can’t resist them! Money wise I’d be much better off just buying products that come recommended or that I read about in magazines, but where’s the fun in that?!

I love this “ease into spring” outfit. The pink pants are one of my faves! Lands End always comes through with quality goods! These pants come on a ton of colors, they fit well, have a little stretch and always look good!

Love these shoes I found Here on Zulily! They are super cute AND super comfortable!

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