The Youth of America

I’m always amazed when I hear people say, “oh, young people these days”… with a disparaging or discouraging tone in their voice.

I have the complete opposite feeling and thought when I hear those words. I am constantly astounded by the intelligence and worldliness of today’s youth.

They take internships all over the United States, they do study abroad over the world. They are smart, well informed, intelligent and courageous.

Have a conversation with one, you to will be amazed!

This is the 2nd dress I bought from Beall’s Outlet. I’m loving this length of dress, right at the knee, flattering! Also love this necklace from Stella and Dot, still beautiful after 4-5 years of wearing it!

AND check out this amazing coat I found at Chico’s! Fits try to size and is heavy as all get out AND so well made, with of course my favorite Life Strides flats!

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