Disney Then and Now

It’s throwback Thursday, so I have a couple of fun photos from 1970, Disneyland back in the day.  That little girl in the yellow cardigan and the white tights is me!

So much the same (It’s a Small World, Mickey ears, Main Street USA) but so different as well ( FANCY Mickey ears, gift shops at the exit of every ride, $125 per person per day ticket).  Look at these 70’s fashions, my mom and my aunt were stylin’.       

You walk through the park and expectations are so high but sometimes that causes an extraordinary amount of stress for parents and for kids.

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, the holiest of seasons. What if we approached Easter like we do vacations? What if we planned, dreamed about, saved for our spiritual side like we do vacations, how much better would our world be?

I always try to spend some quiet time each day reflecting on what God wants from my life, this year with so many changes even more so. And rather than, or sometimes in addition to, giving something up for Lent, I try to open my mind and my heart as to how my spiritual side can be enhanced, what can I do to be a better presence in the world?

I’m hoping to throw back to some of my previous years, and add to those practices rather than doing something in place of them.

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