Oh These Boots

My husband, Mark, doesn’t understand my love of shoes. He is a true minimalist, especially in the area of clothes and shoes. One pair of tennis shoes, one pair of dress shoes, a pair of black Keens and a pair of brown Keens. The man is good to go!

I on the other hand LOVE shoes! Shoes, boots, sandals; winter, summer, fall, spring; love them all! He’s such a good sport, he doesn’t understand the obsession at all, but fully supports his shoe-crazy wife.

Isn’t that what marriage is about? As spouses, as men and women, we usually have our differences. But what makes it all work is embracing and respecting those differences. We don’t always have to understand them, but because they are a part of the person we love, we realize that the thing we find odd or different is part of what makes them who they are.

I’m still on the amateur side of this “love of fashion” blog thing, my photos still aren’t as professional as many (some of these bloggers I follow have AMAZING photographs on their pages) and many of my blogs are ramblings on about places I love to travel to or items I find amazing…

So that being said…. I recently went to the store Maurices to find a blouse to go with my black slacks. No blouse, but instead I came home with this super soft, grey striped sweater with these amazing shoulders to go with my Old Navy Rockstar jeans that I love. Seriously maybe the most comfy I’ve ever owned.

But LOOK AT THESE BOOTS!!! My friend Kelly had a brown pair that I fell in love with. I coveted them for months until I stumbled across them at QVC. This is the 3rd winter I’ve worn them and they still look really good. They are a brand called Muk Luk’s.

I may have fallen in love with them because they reminded me of wearing leg warmers during my high school years…. Oh the fond memories.

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